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Hello all - The time has come to part with my 1 year old system. I travel entirely too much to maintain this system. Everything was new on jan 1 2006, the set up date. This system is being sold as a package, I will NOT break it up at this time so please do not ask. The system is coming down tomorrow so pickup will be available anytime day or evening from Friday until next Tuesday evening.

Ok, on with the show.

- Custom BRI Plus II solid maple with mahogany finish. Sealed on the inside. This is a furniture grade piece and cost more than I am asking for everything.

-Oceanic 58 RR tank, painted flat black on the back side
-All plumbing associated with the tank - durso, etc etc

- 2 SEIO 620
- Modded ASM G2 skimmer
- MAG 7 return pump
- TLF Phosban reactor
- Icecap 250 HQI ballast / heat sink
- SS reef optix III pendant
- 14K Phoenix lamp - new as of 8/1/06
- Litermeter dosing pump
- 2 PC-100A DJ panels (in my homemade elec cabinet)
- Air, Water, Ice Typhoon III 75gpd RO/DI
- Misc mixing pump
- 2 finnex titanium heater
- 20 Long sump with baffels

- 2 false percs
- 3 leathers
- 3 rics
- cup coral
- 4 headed frogspawn

**** no LR - giving it to a good friend, sorry *****

Misc Items

I don't even know where to start with these
BRUTE trashcan
misc testing kits
misc additives
more mixing tubs than a person ever needs
an old ebo heater
misc food - reefroids, formula 1, cyclopeeze, etc
3/4 bucket of salt
Hoses, tubing

Honestly, there is everyting a reefer would ever need to get a solid reef up and going.

Pictures of when I set it up - not much has changed. I can take pictures of any specific items you wish.

There are 2 pages

Ok, cost ---- 1200 cash/money order
As I have in my sig, I live in Katy. I live in Mason Lakes at the crossroads of Mason and Clay.

Please try to keep most of the commentary in the thread so I can respond for all to see.

Thanks - I can be reached on my cell phone below.