Frog Log:

Back in September 2000, I purchased a 25-gallon tank and set it up to house my first pair of poison dart frogs. In the tank, I siliconed a piece of plexiglas to separate the dry and wet area. I placed a 25-watt heater and a small water pump in the wet area. I then placed egg crate and PVC window screen on top of  2" pieces of PVC pipe. This was covered with a 2" layer of LECA. On the dry side 3 Bed-a-Beast bricks were placed on top of a thin layer of Flourite. All of my plants were purchased from Home Depot for less that $3 each. I don't know the names of the plants, but all of them are doing  very well. A 28 watt 6700K compact florescent bulb provides the lighting for the tank.  The tank houses two PDFs (Dendrobates azureus) that were purchased from David Doyle in September. They are doing great (thanks David)!

July 20, 2003

Left Jennifer (Dendrobates tinctorius, Alanis Morph) at Pet Stop.


July 23, 2003

Got the moss that I ordered from Steven Miller off of eBay. I added most of it to the new azureus tank.


July 24, 2003

I picked up my new Azureus at the Fedex office. I had ordered some D. Azureus from Phil Tan. I paid $160 for 3 (shipped overnight). The eggs were laid sometime in Feb this year and the froglets have been out of the water for about 2 months. The female parent came from Patrick
Nabors bloodline and the male parent from Todd Kelley's bloodline.


July 26, 2003

Found 3 eggs in the Leucomela tank


July 30, 2003

Found 5 more eggs in the Leucomela tank (4 look fertilized)!! The other three are doing well. I can see the tadpoles starting to form!


Aug 10, 2003

Only one of the 3 eggs from July 26 hatched. The other four eggs are developing well.


Aug 11, 2003

6 more eggs! they don't look fertilized though =(


Aug 31, 2003

Well I found more eggs today. The initial five tadpoles are doing great, the eggs that I found last week are coming along, and the five I found today look good also.


Sep 5, 2003

Only two of the eggs are still good. The others got mold on them. The tads are doing great and getting very big.


Oct 12, 2003

OK, all of them have major defects. I went ahead and discarded two of the froglets that are out of the water. I found one of the tadpoles dead and have two that are about ready to come out of the water.


I found three more tadpoles in the tank that had already hatched from their eggs. I am glad that I found them because it was really dry in their dish. I went ahead and put the three of them in a small container together, I hope they don't eat each other!


Feb 23, 2004

I think I might as well give up on my Leucs ever having healthy babies. As far as past news, I lost one of the three new Azureus when I was living at my parents. I don't know if he escaped or died. I just noticed one day that one was missing. That was back in Dec 03. All of the adult frogs are doing well in the new apartment. I got a new 24" 65 watt CF light strip for Itchy and Scratchy.


Aug 14, 2005

Well, I am down to only two PDFs. I have one of my original leucs and the baby that survived. They are doing well in the 65 gallon tank I have set up for them.


May 25, 2006

About 2 months ago I purchased two small blue and one leucomela from a local pet store in League City. So now have the baby Leucomela that I raised and the three new guys in the 65 gallon shown above.